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Beer Facts                

Styles of Beer

The sixty or more defined beer styles in the world can almost all be sorted by their yeast into two broad families: The Ale family and the Lager Family.

Ale Family

Produced at warm temperature by a group of yeasts termed “TOP FERMENTING” These yeasts are active towards the top of the fermenting vessel. Ales are ready to drink in days rather than weeks, and the yeasts produce extra flavors in addition to creating alcohol: Fruity, spicy, or earthy flavors are not unusual. Ales are the traditional beers of England and Belgium.

Larger Family

Produced at cooler temperatures by yeasts that are “BOTTOM FERMENTING”. As you might guess, these yeasts are most active ant the bottom of the brewing vessel. These beers need to be conditioned or cellared (“lager” in German) for several weeks or more to reach peak Shaker Pint – AKA American Pint. The most common beer glass in the U.S., holding up to 16 ounces. It’s a favorite among bars as the thick walls are durable and allow for stacking, all in an easy to drink glass.


The owner or manager of a pub

Alcohol by weight

Amount of alcohol in beer measured in terms of the percentage weight of alcohol per volume of beer, i.e., 3.2% alcohol by weights equals 3.2 grams of alcohol per 100 centiliters of beer. (It is approximately 20% less than alcohol by volume.)


The perception of a bitter flavor, in beer from is-alpha-acid in solution (derived from hops). It is measured in International Bitterness Units (IBU).


The addition of dry hops to fermenting or aging beer to increase its hop character or aroma.

AT University Drafthouse we love everything about beer. With the varying styles, tastes and history, every beer tells a story.
At University Drafthouse, our beer selection is close to 130 beers. We love craft beer but have something for everyone, including year-round domestics and fantastic seasonal selections.We have a draft system with 35 taps and we carry craft beers in both cans and bottles.
We have a style of beer for everyone:
PALE LARGERS  – Highly carbonated with mild flavor and a crisp finish
BLONDE ALE – Mild malt flavor with low to medium hop bitterness
HEFEWEIZEN – A cloudy appearance and a prominent yeast flavor
PALE ALE – Spicy, earthy or aromatic flavors
IPA – A pronounced hop profile from start to finish
AMBER ALE – Malty with balanced hop bitterness
IRISH RED ALE – Malt accented with caramel sweetness
BROWN ALE – Dark malt flavors of caramel and coffee
PORTER – Notes of chocolate with mild roast in the finish
STOUT – Coffee, chocolate, molasses and heavily roasted flavors

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